Station Router

The problem is with many interchange stations, where to get in on a train and get out and how to find your way to the connecting train as fast as possible. This looks like a rather tricky problem.

This solution represents stations as graphs with uniform stretches being edges and change points (elevators, stairs, road crossings) represented by nodes. Once a station has been represented as a correct graph, routing from one part of it to another is trivial.

Here is a rough proof of concept of A* routing for a graph model of a Yorkcstraße to be able to find your way from one part of the station to the other:

Determining which part of an edge an arriving train falls on should not be too difficult.

To be done:

  • Better A* representation
  • Special graph weights for road crossing, stairs, escalators and elevators
  • See if using a cartesian grid search (instead of a graph search) using the GPS coordinates is easier and yields more accuracy
  • Javascript port for web demo